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French Indo China PARA Conversion Kit for US M1 shell variant 1

$ 49.99
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  • French parachutist Conversion Kit for US M1 shell, the TAP/EO system characterized by a piece of  (cotton croise'320)khaki canvas heart shaped runner on which 2 metal D rings are fixed under a flap to receive a khaki canvas made chin-piece.

    those canvas (cotton croise'320) are made of cotton ,cut from old equipments.

    this pattern TAP/EO system ,which the haeart shape is made in green canvas . TAP/EO system as the standard inverted A chinstrap was fixed in the same way as the USM1 airborne helmet liner. brass or black painted steel rivets are both used.  The chin-piece,in made of khaki canvas  (cotton croise'320),was a double-layered,band and with a vent in the middle to cradle the chin.

    there are also chin-piece made of thin light canvas in different colors.

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